The first step is that you will need to allow the application access to your webcam. Provided the settings are right you should now be able to click on any of the tabs at the top of the screen to adjust the properties and values to get just the right snapshot photo you are looking for.

Short Videos

If you are looking to create a short 10 second video capture with similar webcam filters/effect, then you can do so using our parent network HTMLChat Snapshots.


This Application was made specifically for the Chrome Web Browser, so if you are having issues using it then it is recommended that you download and use Chrome. If you are still having problems while using Chrome then please report the issues to [email protected]

Pro Tips:

Holding 'Shift' and pressing your 'Enter' key will capture a frame to a new window, when in the new window you can right click the snapshot and select "Save image as..." from the list to save the snap locally.

As well as using the slidebars in the settings panels you can also type in the number values manually to get the exact right amounts.

If you change the dimensions of your webcam you can then refresh the page and the application will adapt to the new dimensions.


Scaled Preview


1) Set your photo's file name or keep the default below.

2) Click this button to accept file name.

3) Click the button below after accepting the name above to download.